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Emigh’s Outdoor Living is not just a brand; it’s an experience. We have always believed in providing our customers with the finest, which is why we collaborate with world-renowned outdoor living manufacturers. Each brand we feature is a testament to quality, innovation, and style. Dive into our carefully curated collection, featuring manufacturers like Kettler USA, Agio, Brown Jordan, Castelle, Jensen Outdoor, and Tropitone. Discover the essence of luxury outdoor living with Emigh's.

Kettler USA: German Precision & Elegance

Kettler USA stands out with its German-engineered designs, blending impeccable craftsmanship with timeless aesthetics. Known for durability and innovation, Kettler USA brings forward a range of outdoor furniture that is both stylish and built to last.

Agio: Luxury Within Reach

Agio’s philosophy revolves around making luxury accessible. With a diverse range of designs that span from classic to contemporary, Agio ensures top-notch quality without compromising on style. Their dedication to comfort and durability makes them a favored choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

Brown Jordan: Synonymous with Innovation

Since its inception, Brown Jordan has been a pioneer in the outdoor living industry. Their designs echo sophistication, while their innovative approach to materials and craftsmanship sets them apart. If you’re looking for a blend of tradition and innovation, Brown Jordan delivers.

Castelle: Handcrafted Excellence

Every piece from Castelle speaks of handcrafted perfection. With attention to detail and a commitment to artistry, Castelle’s collections are a testament to luxury and elegance. Their unique designs, crafted with precision, make outdoor spaces truly enchanting.

Jensen Outdoor: Sustainability Meets Style

Jensen Outdoor prioritizes sustainability without compromising on design. Using eco-friendly materials and processes, they offer outdoor furniture that is not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible. Their collections seamlessly blend style, comfort, and conscience.

Tropitone: Where Style Meets Substance

Tropitone has made a mark in the industry with its versatile range of outdoor furniture. Whether it’s for a cozy backyard or a lavish resort, Tropitone strikes the right balance between style, comfort, and durability. Their diverse collections cater to varying tastes, ensuring every outdoor space shines with a touch of Tropitone.