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Fire Pits

Welcome to Emigh's Outdoor Living, where we believe in transforming your outdoor space into a sanctuary of relaxation, entertainment, and memories. One of the most coveted outdoor living features in recent years has been the addition of a fire pit. The allure of a glowing fire, be it under the starry night or during a cool evening, is universal.

Why Choose an Outdoor Fire Pit?

Outdoor fire pits have become a centerpiece of patios, decks, and gardens across the country. They offer a unique combination of warmth, ambiance, and a touch of luxury. Whether you’re hosting a gathering of friends or enjoying a quiet evening with family, a fire pit adds an unparalleled atmosphere.

  1. Versatility: Choose from a variety of fuel options like wood or gas.
  2. Design: Our collection boasts a wide range of designs from rustic to contemporary.
  3. Functionality: Apart from keeping you warm, some models even double up as grills.

Types of Fire Pits at Emigh's Outdoor Living

Breeo: The Smokeless Wonder
If a wood fire pit is your preference, but you’re not keen on the smoke, Breeo offers the solution. Their innovative designs, particularly in the smokeless fire pit range, use airflow technology to significantly reduce smoke. It’s all the ambiance of a traditional wood fire without the tears and coughing!

O.W Lee: Craftsmanship Meets Elegance
For those with an eye for design, the O.W Lee collection is hard to overlook. Merging elegance with functionality, their fire pits are crafted for those who refuse to compromise on aesthetics. Their gas fire pit range offers a clean, efficient, and consistent flame, providing not only warmth but also a mesmerizing centerpiece.

Agio: Affordability Meets Quality
Agio is renowned for striking the balance between cost and quality. Their range of fire pits offers a mix of both gas and wood fire pit options. With Agio, you’re investing in a quality product that won’t break the bank but will certainly elevate your outdoor living experience.

Tropitone: Built for Memories
Tropitone believes in creating fire pits that last, not just in terms of durability but also in the memories they help create. Their collection boasts an array of styles, from sleek and modern gas fire pits to traditional wood-burning models. With Tropitone, you’re guaranteed a product built with passion and precision.

Choosing the Right Fire Pit for You


Smokeless Fire Pit


  • Reduces smoke by up to 80%.
  • Offers the traditional wood fire pit experience.
Gas Fire Pit


  • Instant ignition and flame control.
  • No need to source or store wood.
  • Clean burning with no ash to clean up.
Wood Fire Pit


  • Offers a classic and rustic feel.
  • Can double up as a grill for outdoor cooking.
  • Natural, rich flame and ambiance.

Dive Deeper Into Fire Pits


  • Elevate your outdoor space and embrace the charm of al fresco evenings. Our collection of fire pits brings warmth, style, and an inviting ambiance to every backyard. Whether it's a family marshmallow roast or a romantic evening, let our fire pits be the heart of your gathering. #BackyardGoals #FirePitLove #CozyOutdoors #NighttimeMagic